About Me - Mark Ochenduszko
Kona and Mark

Kona and Mark

Mark is an award winning fine art photographer whose specialties are landscape, nature, and outdoor group portrait photographs.  His passion is particularly for making ocean scenes, depictions of the Southwest, and long exposure  images.

Mark invites you to view his photographic art and hopes you will be inspired to get outdoors and experience the astounding serenity and enrichment  that nature offers.

In a long standing professional career, Mark was a city manager in California.  Mark resides in San Diego with his wife Patty and constant companion, Kona, the white golden retriever.  He is the proud father of two adult daughters.  

If you are interested in owning one of Mark's works, you may get in touch with him by clicking on the CONTACT ME icon on the homepage.

Thank you for taking the time to view this art.

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